June 1, 2013

A|S Creative Consultant Kit Has Arrived!

How fun!! My  Amuse Studio Creative Consultant Kit has arrived!  I love the new stamp samplers!  What an innovative way to save consultants money!  The four new stamp sets include images from various stamp sets found in the A Muse Studio Catalog…. so I don’t have to OWN every set in the catalog anymore, LOL…  HAVE To?  We’ll see!

Since I signed up during the A Muse Studio 2nd Birthday celebration, I received 5 stamp sets.. four of which are ‘consultant only’ combination sets.  The images are actually from (about?) 25 sets in the A Muse Catalog!!  That’s quite a sampling!

Another really cool thing… the images are die cut and the image stickers are already applied to the stamp.. perfectly aligned and ready to stamp!!  No more heat and peel to re-align those stickers YEAH!!!!  RTEMEBPECB47

With Inky A*Muse Ment,

Sharon Field